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Gyalshing College students expulsion erupts floor of SLA; Govt keeps mum

GANGTOK, 26 March: The Sikkim Legislative Assembly today passed the Vote on Account for the period for 1st April to 3oth June to the tune of Rs.232148.06 lakh comprising of Rs. 186862.97 lakh on Revenue Account and Rs.45285.09 on Capital Account worked out on the budget Estimate for the fiscal year 2020-21 after excluding spill over one time provisions and taking into account the latest available figures of salary and wages and pension payment.
In an statement, Chief Minister who is also In-charge of Finance, Revenue and Expenditures department told that in view of ensuing Municipalities election, Government is unable to bring the full fledged budget and seeks the house approval on Vote on Account for the period of three months.
While convening the house for a day, Speaker evoked his power and seeks house consent to pass three legislative bills including one Ordinance, which have to be regularized and dealt with size of the Municipal Corporation of Gangtok, Gyalshing and Jorethang Nagar Panchayat and two financial bills. He also curtailed the questions hours and other procedures in view of Covid-19 situation and enforcement of Model Code of Conduct assuring that the full-fledged budget session with all the privilages will be conveyed in later on after the Model Code of Conduct is over.
Prem Singh Tamang has also placed third Supplementary Demands for Grants for 2020-21 to meet the additional expenditure of Rs.19988.13 lakh. Chief Minister in his supplementary Demands for Grants under Education said that Rs.1888 lakh has been required for payment of land acquisition for construction of permanent campus of NIT at Khamdong, East Sikkim and Rs.199 lakh for Centre of Excellence at Chakung, West Sikkim.

While taking an opportunity of Vote of Thanks, Upper Burtuk MLA, D R Thapa raised issued of four expelled students of Gyalshing Degree College and urged the Chief Minister and Education Minister to revisit the expulsion of these students and do justice to them. Referring to the issues, he said that the hard core criminals and convicts were and are have been given opportunities to appear for examinations. However, these students were expelled from the Colleges to raise their voice demanding the adequate infrastructures and timely completion of proper campus as assured by the Government.

Interrupting the Upper Burtuk MLA, Speaker L B Das assured to look into the mater by the Chief Minister.
In returned, while replying to the point raised by the Upper Burtuk MLA, Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang said that the matter is under judicial review and is subjudice, government will abide with judicial order. He said that the Government has initiated inquiry into the matter and once the inquiry is over, will take appropriate decision.



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